cata_tenpu_colorThis class combines methods of tai chi chuan, chi kung, gentle stretches, therapeutic physical conditioning, in addition to practices aimed at mental and emotional wellbeing. No prior training or experience required. Any physical condition is okay to start.

Class Objectives: That students maintain and/or improve their health; that they learn to breathe better and to feel their internal world; that they cleanse, calm and focus their mind while also strengthening their body.

Classes generally include a combination of warm-ups, chi kung exercises, tai chi drills and form practice, tui shou (push hands), stretching, balance exercises, relaxation and meditation. Students who are interested in incorporating physical conditioning or self-defense may incorporate those dimensions of practice too.

Each student also defines a personal goal within the framework of the class, which they can work on independently.

BenefitsPromote the connection between mind and body, bringing harmony to your self. Cleansing and centering the mind, strengthening the body and the immune system, and seeking constant self-improvement. Improve your physical and emotional health from the inside-out, and develop better flexibility, breathing, balance, coordination, meditation, philosophy and self-defense.

Monday – Wednesday – Friday 6pm

Tuesday – Thursday 9am

Photo by Daniel Bailey