This class combines methods of traditional kung fu, striking and self-defense exercises, partner training, and physical conditioning, in addition to practices aimed at mental and emotional wellbeing. No prior training or experience required.

Class Objectives: That students maintain and/or improve their health; learn self defense; and that, gradually, they are able to learn the tools for integral self development that Shaolin Kung Fu offers.

Classes generally include a combination of warm-ups, physical conditioning (with one’s own body weight and additional weights such as kettlebells), drills, self-defense exercises and light sparring, practice of kung fu forms (Northern Shaolin), stretching, meditation and breathing.

Each student also defines a personal goal within the framework of the class, which they can work on independently.

Benefits: Improve your physical and emotional health, learn to defend yourself and train physical conditioning, flexibility, balance, coordination, breathing, self-defense, mindfulness and philosophy.

Monday – Wednesday – Friday 7pm

Tuesday – Thursday 10:30am

Photo by Daniel Bailey