cata_tenpu_colorTai Chi Chuan originated in China as a martial art, yet given its method of training this dimension has been increasingly overlooked in favor of its development as a gentle exercise for the body and mind, and a tool to improve the quality of life in modern society.

Our Tai Chi classes cover its martial as well as its therapeutic aspects, leaving the choice to each practitioner, who decides and defines in which way he/she will explore this discipline.

Class Objectives: That students maintain and/or improve their health; that they learn to breathe better and to feel their internal world; that they cleanse, calm and focus their mind while also strengthening their body; that they gradually learn the tools of integrated self development that tai chi chuan and chi kung offer. If they desire, that they learn to defend themselves.

Classes generally include a combination of warm-ups, chi kung exercises, tai chi drills, form practice, tui shou (push hands), stretching, relaxation and meditation. Students who are interested in incorporating physical conditioning or self-defense may incorporate those dimensions of practice too.

BenefitsPromote the connection between mind and body, bringing harmony to your self. Cleansing and centering the mind, strengthening the body and the immune system, and seeking constant self-improvement. Improve your physical and emotional health from the inside-out, and develop better flexibility, breathing, balance, coordination, meditation, philosophy and self-defense.

Style: We teach the Yang traditional 128-movement form of tai chi chuan, including two weapons forms and a two-person empty-hand form, as learned from the school of grandmaster Chan Kowk Wai. To learn more, see our teachers’ history.

Mondays – Wednesdays – Fridays 5:30pm / Tuesdays – Thursdays 9am

Photo by Daniel Bailey