While Kung Fu is essentially an ancient martial art of Chinese origin, today it can be practiced for diverse reasons, ranging from physical exercise to self defense and recreation. At its deepest, kung fu is a path of integrated health and self development.

Class Objectives: That students maintain and/or improve their health; learn self defense; and that, gradually, they are able to learn the tools for integral self development that Shaolin Kung Fu offers.

Kung Fu is based on practice, patience and perseverance. Practice with discipline and concentration. Persevere in one’s practice and positive results will arrive. Be patient, as the immediate tends to be superficial. Important changes require time.

Classes generally include a combination of warm-ups, physical conditioning (with one’s own body weight and additional weights such as kettlebells), drills, self-defense exercises and light sparring, form practice, stretching, meditation and breathing.

Benefits: Improve your physical and emotional health, learn to defend yourself and train physical conditioning, flexibility, balance, coordination, breathing, self-defense, mindfulness and philosophy.

Styles: We teach primarily Northern Shaolin, although supplementary styles such as Choy Li Fut, Praying Mantis are also included in the curriculum.

Northern Shaolin (Bak Siu Lam or Bei Shaolin)
The Northern Shaolin style of kung fu is the result of 1500 years of martial history in Chine. It represents a martial method developed in the Shaolin Temple of Henan and transmitted from generation to generation. It is characterized by a broad range of techniques, its rapid, long and flexible power, and for its large arsenal of kicks. More information about Northern Shaolin and its modern referent, Ku Yu Cheung, can be found here. To learn more, see our teachers’ history.

Adults and teens: Mon – Wed – Fri 7pm / Tue – Thu 10:30am

Kids: Mon – Wed – Fri 5pm

Photo by Daniel Bailey