The foundation of our approach to health and wellbeing is a strong, resilient and well-balanced body and a centered mind. We teach a variety of mental and physical conditioning techniques, including kettlebells, body-weight resistance training, stretching, foam rolling, global postural reeducation and meditation so that each student can identify his or her areas for growth and develop a personal regimen of exercises to optimize strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health and concentration.

Meditation + Stretch

In this class we practice a brief session of seated or standing meditation followed by  gentle stretches to loosen up the body. It is a short class of only 30 minutes that helps to incorporate the habit of calming, clearing and focusing the mind plus basic fundamental stretches for the body. Come try the first week for free!

Tuesdays – Thursdays 5:30pm

Strength + Striking

Our body need to be resilient enough to allow us to perform our daily activities without feeling pain, weakness or inability to do them. Some degree of fundamental strength is needed for quality of life. It’s not about big muscles but proper alignments and functions. We use bodyweight exercises and kettlebells. In addition to strength,  we also train how to improve our striking skills: kicks, punches, bag, mitts, etc. Come try the first week for free!

Tuesdays – Thursdays 5:30pm