Chi Kung means the training of Chi. What is Chi? Chi is the Chinese term equivalent to Indian Prana or Japanese Ki, and refers to a concept of energy, often described today as bioelectricity. In Chinese medicine, this energy circulates throughout the human body and if it does so in a natural and harmonious way, the body will be healthy. In the practice of Chi Kung what is generally sought is improving one’s health, based on the understanding that the mind is also part of the body: a healthy body requires a clean mind. It is important to clarify that there also exist methods of Chi Kung with other orientations (martial, religious, etc.).

In our classes different Chi Kung exercises are practiced and taught, always based on the idea that movement stimulates energy and relaxation, and calmness and stillness help to “clean” the mind. These may include exercises aimed at promoting muscular and fascial relaxation; developing flexibility, coordination and balance; realignment and postural correction; unblocking meridians; techniques of self-massage; breathing exercises; and meditation among others.

Benefits of practice:
Some of the many benefits that result from the practice of Chi Kung include: maintaining one’s health, increasing one’s longevity and improving the quality of one’s life in general; increasing strength and elasticity; strengthening the bones, tendons, joints and muscles; reducing the stress and heaviness produced by the rhythm of modern daily life; improving circulation and coordination.

Photo by Daniel Bailey