San Bao Center Hawai‘i is a martial arts wellness center dedicated to promoting an integrated vision of health and wellness for the 21st century.

“The body is the temple of life. Energy is the force of life. The spirit is the governor of life. If one falls out of balance, all three end up damaged.”

Our objective is to encourage the self development of each individual, understanding that every person is also part of society and the web of life that shares this earth. We accomplish this through the vehicles of traditional Chinese martial arts, meditation and functional training, to share tools for developing an individual’s physical, mental and spiritual health and self-awareness. In addition to the Taoism and Buddhism historically linked to traditional Chinese martial arts, our philosophical framework includes a contemporary study of the body, our civic communities and our planet’s ecology.

Why San Bao?

San Bao means “three treasures” and is an important concept in the study of traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts. These treasures are: jing (essence), chi (vital energy) and shen (spirit). The first two refer to a person’s physical and mental health and the third to something more intangible along the lines of one’s spiritual and emotional health. We believe that San Bao is a valuable concept because it underscores the importance of achieving harmony within ourselves, so that we are better prepared to live in harmony with the world at large.

Transform Yourself, Transform Your World.