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What does "San Bao" mean?

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San Bao means “three treasures” and is an important concept in the study of traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts. These treasures are: jing (essence), chi (vital energy) and shen (spirit). The first two refer to a person’s physical and mental health and the third to something more intangible along the lines of one’s spiritual and emotional health. We believe that San Bao is a valuable concept because it underscores the importance of achieving harmony within ourselves, so that we are better prepared to live in harmony with the world at large. Read more.

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Boost Your Breathing

Saturday, September 30, 4:30 – 6 p.m. $20 (free for regular students at San Bao Center classes) Breath is the bridge between our inner and outer worlds. It’s fundamental to practices …

Know Your Home

Reconnect to the Earth: Sat. May 20, 9 – 12 a.m. Our health as individuals and as a society is deeply connected to the health of the earth. Join us …

Save Your Soccer Workshop

Saturday, March 25, 3 – 5 p.m. Minimize the Injuries Common in Your Favorite Sport “When I was 20, this didn’t happen…” How many times have you heard or thought …

Natural vs. Artificial Time

In recent times, a new temporal space has emerged where humanity inhabits and is governed by an artificial speed that is different from the speed of nature. This new speed …